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Lawn Service

Tired of tending to your lawn? Tired of other lawn service companies not providing the quality of service you know you deserve? Look no further than Matt's Lawncare. Your lawn will be manicured on a scheduled basis, and that allows you more time to do the things you love.


Every single time we are there to service your property, our crew will provide a quality mow, trim, edge, and cleanup of grass clippings from all hard surfaces. Grass clumps are common in the spring because of  how wet the grass is. No worries, we will disperse the clippings accordingly and make sure your lawn looks right, every time.

Benefits Of Our Weekly Lawn Service

Appearance - Most will tell you there is something very pleasing about a freshly cut lawn, and we want to share our passion of a quality cut with you. Every single week our qualified team will make sure your lawn is the best looking in the neighborhood, and with a professionals touch.

Turf Health - Weekly lawn mowing improves the overall health of your lawn. When grass clippings are evenly dispersed, this allows the nutrients of the lawn to be spread out. This includes those nutrients from sun and water, both are vital to a healthy lawn.

Your Time - Having our professionals take care of your lawn is one of the many ways we can help to free up your schedule. Nothing is better than coming home to a freshly cut lawn. With all that extra time saved, get some of those projects done that you have been putting off, simply because you did not have the time until now.

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